We focus on SMEs and Startups, typically managed on a full-time or part-time basis by the owner, or a small team of staff. The target enterprises are those operational for less than 5 years with the entrepreneurs having limited time and resources to pro-actively develop them into highly scalable businesses. 

We provide these entrepreneurs with the required resources including; strategy teams, office space, entrepreneurship training and back-office operations support, to enable them focus on building their businesses at the least cost possible.

Our SMEs and Startup companies enjoy the following venture accelerator support services:

  1. Business Operations Support*Access to outsourced back office operations support including but not limited to marketing, accounting, sales and legal services.
  2. Business Strategy Consultation: Unlimited business strategy consultation and continuous management support during venture acceleration.
  3. Venture Creation Program: Participation in a 10-week program on developing and scaling your venture, entrepreneurial leadership and management, and preparing for investment. This program is a requirement for SMEs and Startups joining the Venture Accelerator.
  4. Office Space Services*Access to office space including desk space, access to training facility, meeting rooms and board rooms.
  5. Business Community Membership: Membership into a vibrant business community of growth-seeking entrepreneurs with access to community events, knowledge sessions organised on a weekly basis, linkages and networking opportunities, knowledge portal.

* Terms and conditions apply


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