BlueInventure’s SME Development Consultancy works with the development sector, public and private sector (development organisations, DFIs, corporations, government and government agencies) providing technical assistance to support programs and initiatives that address market gaps and market failure and impact the growth and development of SMEs and Startups in Kenya/East Africa. 

We do this to enhance the contributions of SMEs to local economic development.

Areas of expertise:

  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Value chain and market systems development
  • Financial inclusion
  • Youth and Women entrepreneurship

Engagement models:

  • Project advisory and implementation support
  •  Organisational capacity assessments and due diligence
  • Capacity building, entrepreneurship training and coaching
  • Development research
  • Co-developing/co-financing development projects


Our SME development consultancy services include the following:

  • Technical assistance to enable SMEs and Startups to access markets, which involves providing technical support to MSD/M4P programs.
  • Technical assistance to facilitate access to finance through investment and credit linkages.
  • Technical assistance to strengthen operational capacity and efficiencies in SME and Startup enterprises.
  • Developing private sector led interventions to address market failure, including social impact projects/programs and innovative social venture models (cooperatives, franchises, licenses and community-based business models).