We provide dedicated growth advisory services to individual businesses. A dedicated account manager with a team of advisors work with individual enterprises providing continuous support, typically over 6 to 18 months, to build up profitable businesses with both strategic competitiveness and sustainable business operations.

Engagement Model:

  1. Diagnosis and Business Planning.
  2. Business Growth Advisory.
  3. Training on Best Business Practices.


We enable businesses build real clarity over key drivers and barriers critical to reaching the next level in their growth.

  • Business strategy and operations diagnosis: Conducting in-depth assessment of the business, to discover the areas of the business that have gaps and require intervention.
  • Developing business strategy and implementation plan: Developing rapid action plans that will define a positive course of action for the business on its path to recovery and/or growth.
  • Provide continuous monitoring on the implementation of the plan or business strategy: Supporting the implementation of the plan through clear, structured set of ‘tasks’ which are monitored until the business has realised its intended objectives.


We provide dedicated, one-on-one business advisory services to SME and Startup entrepreneurs to enable them grow their businesses. In addition, we enable them to develop capacity to enable to navigate through critical challenges related to:- 1) Generating new business opportunities; 2) Cost reduction and improvement of business operations; and 3) Preparing for investment and raising capital.

  • Generating new business opportunities: Developing and executing business strategies for winning in new and existing markets in order to realise growth in revenue/sales and market share. 
  • Cost reduction and improvement of business operations: Developing strategies to close operational gaps in the business that have resulted in high cost of business, declining margins and revenue.
  • Investment preparedness and capital raising: Analysing the level of required finances, planning for use of funds and helping businesses raise grant, growth equity or debt capital from lenders and investors. 


We provide cohort-based business training programs that focus on enabling owner-managers and their key staff to develop the critical skills needed to drive operational efficiencies in core business functions. The programs equip entrepreneurs and their managers with practical skills through applied learning  facilitated by our expert advisors with each of the modules below delivered over a 4-week period.

  • Practical marketing and sales: Training on using digital marketing, doing sales, conducting events and promotions, and developing channel partnerships.
  • Practical operations and cost efficiency: Training on managing operations and controlling costs.
  • Practical accounting and financial management: Training on accounting and book-keeping practices, management and financial reporting.